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The Legislation & The Beginning of Jihad

Akram Diya al 'Umari informs us about the background of the Muslim condition in Madinah that led to the legislation of jihad and its permission.

“Jihad” by Sir Thomas W. Arnold

Sir Thomas W. Arnold defends, with extraordinary talent, the thesis that the basic meaning of "jih?d", is: "the using or exerting one's utmost power, effort, endeavor or ability, in contending with an object of disapprobation", and that primarily the word bears no reference to war or fighting, much less to fighting against unbelievers or forcible conversion of them, but derives its particular application from the context only.

Some Thoughts On The Death Of Nabeel Qureshi

The diverse online community of of Muslims and Christians, especially those involved in apologetics on the World Wide Web received the news of the death of Nabeel Qureshi at the age of 34 years old from a “rare and deadly form of stomach cancer" on 16th September 2017 with mixed reactions.

Ali Sina’s “Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography”

For those who are familiar with the extremist Islamophobic website called “Faithfreedom International”, the name of its founder Ali Sina (a pseudonym) is synonymous with the bigotry and vile rhetoric often displayed against Muslims and Islam. This was a person who openly advocated for the atomic bomb to be used on Muslim populations and have many times declared that he will “wipe out” Islam within 30 years.

Response To “Muhammad as Al-Amin (the Trustworthy): How His Enemies Really Viewed Him” And...

It has become a habit for some to publish responses to any paper dealing with the issue of Islam, its truthfulness and the falsehood of other religions. This is particularly true of the Christian missionaries as such people do not care whether they provide an efficient responses or not; all they care about is to respond, regardless of the outcome. Is this reaction an idiotic one? Well, we cannot claim that it is a stupid strategy; because it is always useful to show your followers that you are able to respond and speak loudly, drowning other voices. The psychological factor is after all always important here. But what is glaring indeed are the content of such "responses" because the writer tries to show that he is competent in the field when in actual fact he is totally unqualified.

Do Not Be Fooled By Propaganda

There is an ongoing slander campaign against Islam, claiming that it is a religion that promotes violence and hinting that it seeks world conquest. Before you buy the malarkey that is being produced by people with their own agendas or prejudices or who are just plain ignoramuses, follow these few suggestions.